Case Study Large-scale Consumer Products Company Introduces New Product

The Problem

A consumer products manufacturer reached out to GPG for assistance with the launch of its new product SKU. The last several new product launches had not met sales plan numbers and there was concern that history might repeat itself.

The Solution

Commissioned by the Marketing department, GPG conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and married the results with the company’s sales objectives. The end result was the development of a series of 3 promotions. The first was designed to successfully introduce the product, the second was a a follow-up promotion to encourage a larger basket purchase, and the final promotion was developed to both reward consumers who purchased the product as well as retailers who stocked the product over a consecutive amount of time.

The Outcome

The strategy behind running 3 consecutive promotions allowed the consumer products manufacturer to successfully introduce the product to market and drive long-term sales. The program allows health care practitioners to see exactly where they are at in the program at any point in time. GPG has now expanded this loyalty program to the company’s 3rd party partners and to companies it has acquired.

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