Case Study Large Drug Manufacturer Creates Loyalty Program

The Problem

A large sized publicly traded pharmaceutical manufacturer struggled to create a meaningful rebate program for its physicians. With over 10,000 health care practitioners buying hundreds of millions of dollars of products, it became increasingly difficult to meet the unique demands of their customers. In short, their current rebate program wasn’t working.

The Solution

After reviewing the clients rebate program and conducting interviews with its customers, sales force, 3rd party partners and management, we learned that the company needed more than just a transactional program if it was going to succeed. We developed the largest points based-loyalty program in the country. This new program was designed at its core to meet the unique demands of their customers.

The Outcome

Prior to the launch of this large-scale loyalty program, sales came in under plan. Since implementation, the company has beat plan numbers quarter over quarter. The company has since doubled its field force and expanded the number of practitioners using this program to over 20,000. Further, GPG has expanded this loyalty program to the company’s 3rd party partners and to companies it has acquired.

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