Case Study Mid-size Liquor Importer Runs Consumer Rebate with Charity Component

The Problem

The Marketing team at a major liquor company was interested in developing a promotion that not only included a consumer product rebate, but demonstrated the company’s dedication to being a good corporate citizen by giving back to the community.

The Solution

GPG recommended the development of a mail-in rebate program that included tracking details so the importer could match incoming rebates via donation to a specific charity. Then, GPG evaluated over 50 different charities to find the appropriate partner; one whose mission was in line with the liquor company, in addition to other criteria such as overhead and working capital. Next GPG designed the consumer rebate collateral and worked with the company’s sales force to implement.

The Outcome

The program was an unqualified success. The company, consumers and charity all benefited from this type of collaborative, creative offer. The company was able to meet its planned rebate numbers while doing good and making a difference

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