Case Study Large Tire Manufacturer Creates a Dealer Incentive Program

The Problem

A large tire manufacturer wanted to create a unique Associate Dealer program for their distribution channel. They needed a platform that could change quickly for their various tire products. And one that would be combined with consumer rebate promotions to further drive sales.

The Solution

The technical teams from both companies partnered on the development of a new Associate Dealer Program that was rolled out to 500 Dealers. The use of our Agile methodology allowed both teams to quickly make adjustments and changes to what became the final solution.

Meanwhile, the GPG Promotion Management team worked with our Client to tie in several Consumer Rebate promotions, which were designed to help support and drive additional sales of selected tire products.

The Outcome

Since launching the Associate Dealer program, over the first six quarters, our Client has seen a 115% increase in the number of tires sold through their dealers within both the US and Canada. The online tool has also been expanded to allow Dealers to earn and redeem the points they earn for everything from swag, to actual sets of tires, to even a branded snowboard. The tool allows Dealers to see exactly where they are at in the program at any point in time.

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